Cubic Turnkey Pvt. Ltd.

Constructing Value through Experience and Expertise


In any project, Scope and Time are a slave drivers who demand adherence, sometimes at the expense of other factors like Quality, Budget, Resources, and Perfection. With disastrous results. Sometimes project risks bring up threats and opportunities that remain to managed, with equally disastrous results. The solution lies in maintaining a fine balance between all. This is where we come in with our Experience and Expertise in project management.

We are Cubic Turnkey Pvt. Ltd., Architects, Valuers, Trainers and Software developers. Our secret of success lies in the team of highly motivated staff, skilled and trained in their domain of project delivery catalysed by an environment for sharing of ideas and innovation. Well equipped office with continuous technology upgradation supports online updation of data throughout the organisation. With market resources getting scarce, our emphasis is on automation and mechanisation for efficiency and effectiveness.